KEY SERVICES offered by Discerning Design are listed below. Please use our Contact page to request further details as to HOW we can assist in ADDING VALUE and WOW FACTOR to your home or investment / development property at realistic prices - Australia-wide. We'd LOVE to hear from you!  
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Custom Furniture Packages from Discerning Design
First Choice for 5-Star Stylish Interior Design & Decorating.
Serving SEQ, and for larger projects, Australia-wide and offshore.
We know how to ADD VALUE to your property AND deliver Upmarket WOW FACTOR at REALISTIC PRICES!

Custom Furniture Packages

Everything from the window dressings to the teaspoons – just like a hotel. We create an inventory with you and supply every item you will need – and if you’ve got some items to bring from home, we create the inventory to suit! Easy. We deliver, install, clean up and take the rubbish away.

Stylish Curtains and Blinds

It’s important to get the right window dressings to do the job you want them to do. We discuss the pros and cons of every type of window dressing so you can make informed decisions. Finding out the problems after purchase is too late.

Creative Pre Sale Styling

For Vendors and Agents – presentation is the key and you only have seconds to impress. Let us STYLE your property to get the most money for your property or find a buyer where there was not one ...

Refurbishments & Renovations

Furniture - Floor Coverings - Painting - Kitchens - Bathrooms: It’s all about planning and details. Mistakes are costly and if you can finish a job and not say ‘I wish I had done this differently’, you’ve done the correct amount of planning. We can manage the whole refurbishment from planning stage to completion.

Design Your Own Furniture

We design everything together with you. We have a huge range of styles and if you’ve seen a picture of what you like, show us and we will probably be able to make it. Your size. Your colours. Your textures. Your style. If you like a sofa seat that’s higher or lower or deeper than normal, no worries. Just discuss it with us and you’ll be surprised at what we can do.

Efficient Space Management Decluttering

Are you hoarding lots of unwanted items because ‘it was expensive’ or ‘it has a lot of use left’ or ‘Aunty gave it to me’ or ‘I may use it one day' etc. Or it could be an office and you’ve run out of space because you and your staff don’t have regular clean-ups and archiving. Let us help you get all that space back and improve your quality of leisure or work space. We work with you to ensure nothing you NEED to keep is thrown out.

Flexible Furniture Hire

We hire furniture, artworks and decor items, short or long term, to enhance your property with WOW factor and assist with selling. No locked-in contract and no minimum time. All budgets from basic to upmarket are catered for. We set-up and remove with care and speed to fit in with your changing timeframe.


We offer consultation on large or small projects for interior decoration and/or interior design:

* For all furnishings for residential or commercial applications
* With owners and agents to enhance the sales prospects of properties
* To architects and developers for pragmatic design concepts relating to ergonomics, electrical plans, fixtures and fittings, specifications, furnishings and window dressings.